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Women's Health

Breast thickness?



I have scoliosis that affects my left shoulder, I get muscle spasms and pain, goes from the back of my shoulder to the front, under arm towards breast, I have had this for some time. Recently I found something under my arm that concerned me so I went to the Nurse Practioner at the health department were I get my yearly pap and breast exams, she did not feel the "lump" I was worried about, said it was probably a tendon (I think is what she called it)She did a breast exam, thought things felt fine, then went back over the breast that I was there about the lump in armpit, after feeling for sometime she decided that there was a more thick spot in that breast than my other, said it wasn`t really defined, and asked me to feel it, I felt it, but it feels to me like it always does. She said she could use that as a refferel to a place that could give me an ultrasound or mammogram (I don`t have ins.) but she thought it was probably nothing. I told her about the scoliosis and she said it could just be muscle. I talked to my Mom and Husband, they both feel that I know my body and if I think that is how it has been for years then not to worry and I don`t need the second check. I am torn and would like an outsiders thoughts on what I should do. Oh, one more note I had my yearly physical just last month, different Nurse Practioner who said all was well. I do my self exams montly and have had a yearly professional exam for the last 12-13 years, too young for mammorgrams yet, I am 28, thanks.


I think under the circumstances it would be a worthy investment to seek an opinion of a physician experienced in breast problems: a gynecologist, or better yet, a breast surgeon.

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Shalva V Kakabadze, MD Shalva V Kakabadze, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University