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Breast Cancer




i have a fibroadenoma, i have gone for tests over the passed year and a half(one every six months) just to monitor it for my own sanity. it has decreased in size, is movable, but is not smooth...i can feel that it seems rough(could this be because of my tissue biopsy they did on it?)...occasionally even tendor, could this be due to stress as it usually feels sensitive then? is there anyway to decrease it? exercise? eating/diet?


As long as the biopsy showed a fibroadenoma, then the amount of stress and anxiety this is causing in your life is unnecessary! Fibroadenomas can change in size or shape, and even respond to hormones in your body, similar to the rest of your breast tissue. There is no way to decrease its size by exercise or diet. The avoidance of caffeine may help prevent new cyst formation in your breast.

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Jennifer B Manders, MD Jennifer B Manders, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati