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Breast Cancer

Use of provera and breast cancer?




I was admitted to hospital for heavy bleeding due to a 5cm fibroid in my uterus . I was given the drug "Provera" to use. I am going to be scheduling a hystrectomy.

I had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 which is estrogen caused.I had a lumpectomy. (Lump 2,5cm). I have finished both chemo and radiation by April 2006. I am presently taking 1mg Arimedix as an estrogen blocker(for 5 yrs).

Is it safe for me to use the Provera being in recovery from Cancer? Is there any drug I should avoid after the Hysterectomy????

Thank you in advance.


A patient with hormone sensitive breast cancer such as you should not be taking hormones (provera is a hormone).  After your hysterectomy, do not take any hormones (estrogen or progesterone).  Remind your gynecologist about your history of breast cancer.  Review any medications that are recommended by your gynecologist with your Medical Oncologist before taking them.

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