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Palpable lymph nodes



Hello. I`ve always been quite the hypochondriac and it seems I`ve always been able to find a few palpable lymph nodes that always seem to be there. One is located right around the area of my tonsil and if I tilt my head to the side of the node I can roll it around. I also have a small (less than 1 centimeter) lymph node uner my right armpit (it has been seen by ultrasound) and it is located close to chest wall. There is also a palpable lymph node under the left armpit that feels the same.

I went to see a general surgeon and she was not concerned. I expressed my concern about reading EVERYWHERE that lymph nodes should not be palpable and they are only palpable if swollen. She did not agree with this information. I would like to point out that the tonsil lymph node as well as the left armpit lymph node sometimes feel achy but definitely not tender when touched. The ache is not persistent but it is daily and they seem to ache together.

I am constantly searching my body for abnormal findings and I have been able to feel the lymph node in the left armpit for about 8 years but many years went by w/out the ache. I`m just freaking out and want a second thought on this. I`m convinced I have HIV or cancer or something. Again--all the of lymph nodes that can be felt (3 total) are small, mobile and nontender but do ache, except the one under right armpit does not ache. Also--my tonisl where the lymph node is inflamed has a much bigger pit than the one on the right and it also get`s tonsil stones in it which can be coughed out. Thank you for your time. I`m sure you read some interesting dilemmas!!


Thank you for your interest, however, NetWellness does not provide diagnosis or second opinion.  I encourage you to establish a relationship with a primary care physician who is the best person to advise you regarding your questions.

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