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Pulmonary Fibrosis

I have IPF and anthrocosis



I am female 35 years old. I was diagnosed with Severe Pulmonary Fibrosis and interstitial lung disease of unknown cause.  It also shows that I have severe interstitial fibrosis with honeycombing, with `end stage` lung-disease. Please explain to me what this means(end stage)? This all started when I got pneumonia in Dec 2004 age(33)my lungs have never been the same. I am not on any oxygen therapy and my breathing ranges from normal at times to being short of breath, it all depends.


Pulmonary fibrosis is often a devastating disease which can be rapidly progressive in many cases. It is very difficult to be more explicit in this format to your question due to the significant variability in the types of pulmonary fibrosis and the various response rates to treatment. This condition is best evaluated by a pulmonologist with particular expertise in pulmonary fibrotic disorders.

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