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High Blood Pressure

Identify the patient



why do we need to identified the patient before taking the blood pressure?

and how to pumped bulb to 30mm hg above last pulls felt?


Before taking a blood pressure measurement, you need to make sure that you have properly identified the patient.  This is especially important in a hospital setting, where a person may have to take care of many patients at the same time.  You should introduce yourself and explain the procedure to the patient before placing the cuff.  Make sure that the patient is in a comfortable position and at rest for at least 5 minutes before measuring the blood pressure.

The current guidelines recommend that you inflate the cuff first while feeling the pulse.  Note the pressure at which the pulse disappears.  You should then take at least two measurements, separated by 1-2 minutes.   Inflate the cuff 20 mmHg above the level that you noted, then deflate the cuff slowly.

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