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Colon Cancer

22 and worried about colon cancer!!!



I am a 22 year old female and I have been having symptoms for years. First I had my gallbladder removed at 16 yrs old and then about a year later I started experiencing diarrhea off and on for about 2 years. Then it changed into constipation and severe abdominal pain for years now along with changes in size and shape of my stools. I have tried changing my diet and exercising but I feel my symptoms are getting worse!! I do have a history of colon cancer on my dads side with my grandfather and aunt being affected around 50 and benign polyps reported in my moms side in 2 people. I guess what my question is what are my chances of having colon cancer at my age and what are the other possible solutions that it could be? I am having trouble getting my insurance back and having to do nothing but wait is really worrying me.


Odds of colon cancer at your age are low but not impossible. Would suggest that you see a physician for at least a basic evaluation including blood work.

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