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Obesity and Weight Management

Pills for weight loss



I gained over 50 lbs during my pregnancy. It`s been 6 months since my delivery and I am yet to loose 35 lbs to reach my pre pregnancy weight. I just wanted to know if taking any pills will help me.

Is it safe to take such pills for your health. I have seen commercials on the pills that help in losing weight. Are they true. If yes can you please suggest a pill that would be good in losing my weight.


Losing weight after pregnancy has to be done gradually. It will take some time at least up to one year after delivery to get back to your pregnancy state from a biological standpoint. Thus, it can take up to one year to return to your pre-pregnancy weight. If you are breastfeeding, the extra weight is important to help give you some reserve since it requires a lot of energy for milk production. Diet pills are not recommended for weight loss postpartum. Much of the increased weight is due to hormones and those levels need time to return to normal.

In addition, it you are breastfeeding, they can be harmful to the baby. Many of the advertisements that you see on TV for diet pills are not FDA approved and have not been tested sufficiently for effectiveness or safety. The main way to lose weight is to eat a balance diet and exercise for at least 60 minutes daily. Talk with your doctor also about a referral to a nutritionist to talk about other helpful ways to eat a healthy diet.

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Esa M Davis, MD, MPH Esa M Davis, MD, MPH
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
School of Medicine
Case Western Reserve University