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Breast Cancer

Is there a cure?



I know this is a silly question but i have to ask. Is there a cure for fiborcystic changes or any medications other then asprin? I was diagnosed about 2 yrs ago ( im 20 yrs old now) and the pain gets annoying and im losing sleep now because its too painful at times. Plus my breast look extra swollin right before my period which is due to the fiborcystic changes. Just wanted to know is there anything i can do to ease the pain or something my doctor can prescibe or do? :( Thank you


There is no cure for fibrocystic tissue of the breasts.  It is normal tissue that develops due to repeated hormonal stimulation that occurs each month when you have a period.  Decreasing the amount of caffeine (coffee, tea, soda, chocolate) that you eat or drink may help.  Some women also benefit from taking Vitamin E or Oil of Primrose.  Both of these are available over the counter at Drug stores and grocery stores.  Also consider wearing a supportive bra (both day and night) when you are most uncomfortable. 

This problem will get better but not until you go through menopause.

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