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Uterus problems



This is for my mother who is experiencing post-menopausal complications. She had 2 successful but difficult child deliveries and 3 miscarriages and the doctors said this has caused severe stress in her uterus especially after she had gone through menopause. The uterus is pushing against her bladder now and it is making her go to the toilet too often that her vagina is starting to irritate her. The solution would be to have the uterus sucked out through her vagina but I am wondering if there are other non-surgical alternatives that could help her too. Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Pelvic relaxation is a common problem.  It is very difficult to reverse it, but certain practical measures can help keep it from getting worse.  It is important to avoid heavy lifting, coughing, and straining.  Kegel exercises may also help prevent worsening of the condition.  Surgery can improve the situation, but the results are not always permanent and sometimes the problem recurs with other parts of the vagina dropping down.  That is why surgery is usually reserved until the patient is convinced she really needs it for her quality of life.

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