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Vascular Surgery

Popped vein



This question has been asked but not by the person who had the condition. I would entertain a thoughtful answer. Periodically, I get a bee sting feeling in my hands, fingers, or toes. I immediately look at the area, which then becomes slightly swollen and then turns immediately into a bruise. It could happen when I have used the area, such as my palm to push a door, or just spontaneously. It is very apparent that a vein has "popped". The first time I noticed it was 7 years ago; it has become more frequent this year. What`s going on and what tests would be recommended? I am 44 years old, petite, active and healthy (according to my recent physical).


In the legs, this may be a sign of problems with the valves in the veins. I would ask your PCP to consider a venous reflux study if this persists. In the arms, this likely just represents dilation of a superficial vein after a workload. As long as it resolves readily, I suspect it will not cause a medical problem for you.

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