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Pulmonary Fibrosis

UIP-pattern on CT scans



please could you give me your opinion on my life and what i have left,on my report it says i have extensive emphysema,with a superimposed fibrotic lung disease,with a uip pattern .a superimposedbasal abnormalities with fine honeycombing.


There are many disease that can have a UIP pattern on chest CT scans. UIP (usual interstitial pneumonitis) is the most serious of these and generally has a average life expectancy of 3-5 years. However, there are other diseases that can have a UIP pattern on the CT scan that may have a better prognosis; some of these include:

Just because the CT scan has a UIP-type pattern does not necessarily mean that you have UIP. UIP is diagnosed by the clinical picture plus the CT scan and sometimes additionally with a lung biopsy.

Since you probably have 2 serious lung diseases, you may want to see a pulmonologist for additional evaluation. He/she can provide a better idea of your prognosis after taking a history, performing a physical examination, obtaining pulmonary function tests, reviewing the CT scan, reviewing blood tests, and perhaps doing a bronchoscopy or lung biopsy.

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James N Allen, Jr, MD James N Allen, Jr, MD
Clinical Professor of Pulmonary, Allergy, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University