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Vascular Surgery

Excessive swelling in feet and ankles



I have experience swollen feet and ankles to my upper leg for most of the year. I have had the normal battery of blood test to detect diseases of my liver, kidney, etc., abdominal CT scan, CT scan of my groin area, echocardiograh and everything has been normal. A few days ago the left foot, ankle and lower leg became inflammed with extremely pain with limited mobility and difficulty walking. My internist has indicated that there is nothing wrong. Can you offer any advice?


I would suggest you ask your PCP for a venous reflux study of the superficial and deep veins of your legs. You may have venous insufficiency which can lead to varicose veins, leg heaviness, pain and swelling. You may want to consider trying a pair of support stockings in the 15-20mmHg range to see if this offers relief. Good luck!

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