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Parkinson's Disease




please help, my grandfather is 70 and shakes. He has been told he doesnt have parkinsons. he wants to take carb/levo to help his shaking. does he need a prescription? he has had heart problems in the past. is this a good idea? thanks in for please?


There are multiple causes for tremors, and each one is treated with different medications. Parkinson's disease is only one cause of tremor and is not diagnosed based on a person's age and the presence of tremor alone. This disease is diagnosed based on history and the presence of the following cardinal features on physical examination:

1) Slowness and decreased amplitude of movements

2) Rigidity

3) Tremor (typically a resting tremor that decreases with action)

4) Postural instability (tendency to fall when balance is lost)

I cannot provide you with specific medical advice for your grandfather, but I recommend you ask his doctor for a referral to a specialist for further evaluation and recommendations for treatment.

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Punit  Agrawal, DO Punit Agrawal, DO
Assistant Professor of Neurology
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University