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Athletic Training

Sprained ankle? Torn ligaments?



About 10 years ago, i had a severe ankle sprain and have torn ligaments on my left ankle. During high school I would sprain my right and left ankles during sports. Now, ten years later, my left ankle still bothers me, it twists easy. But recently, I have a pain my left ankle above the bone and when I touch the area I can feel a small ball. What could it be, and should I go see a doctor?


My suggestion would be to see a physician. There has been a significant amount of time between initial injury and chronic re-injury. The physician will be better able to assist you when they gather a more comprehensive medical history. As for the "small ball", again the physician will have to decide if he/she wants to do any further diagnostic imaging.

Best of luck with resolving your injury.

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Alex K Wong, MS, ATC Alex K Wong, MS, ATC
Assistant Athletic Lecturer & Trainer
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University