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Bleeding and Clotting Disorders

Bleeding disorder - resources?



My daughter is 15 years old, with general good health My husband and I have good health, without bleeding problems She had her first period 4 years ago, and from the very beginning, I noticed that something was wrong: the amount of blood was enormous!! She didn`t show any sign of excessive bleeding or bruises before (I know, this is very odd!) Our family doctor did some tests and the only abnormal result was her bleeding time (12 minutes). She was referred to the hematology service of a kid`s hospital. They ran dozens of blood tests (Proteins, Factors, Von Wildebrand, hemophilia, etc) All the results are normal, however, her bleeding time remains between 10-12 minutes We were also tested: my husband bleeding time is 4 minutes and mine is 2 minutes In the meantime, my daughter took anticonceptive pills, but the collateral effects were bad. Then, her iron levels started to go south, she took iron, with good results

Now, four years later, her period volume of blood is acceptable, however we have not a diagnostic or prognostic of her bleeding problem and even without hemorrhages, her levels of iron fluctuates a lot She uses to be tired and each time she has a simple cut, it bleeds, sometimes it doesn`t form a clot for days The only answer we have is "she has a medical condition and she should live with this"

Are there any other resources? Should we look for a second opinion?

Thank you in advance


Sometimes tests vary, and a diagnosis is made after repeated testing. She could be referred to another institution.  The links below may be helpful to you in seeking a second opinion.

Best wishes to you and your daughter.

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