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High Blood Pressure

Can I?



I AM 78 FEMALE TAKEING Verapamil,warferin, my doctor has just given me micardis 80 mgs which does not seem to agree with me my husband is takeing coversyle for his high blood pressure,Iam wondering could I take the same? and if not why not? my Doc is away at the moment so cant ask him, my blood pressure is not that bad about the same as my husbands, the Micardis sends it way to low and makes me feel ill. thank you


Micardis is telmisartan, an angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB).  Micardis 80 mg is quite potent, and may be too much for you.  Micardis comes in a 40 mg tablet, which may be adequate.

Coversyl is perindoporil.  Perindopril is an ACE inhibitor (ACEI).  ACEIs and ARBs are similar drugs, and you should be able to take Coversyl instead of Micardis.  The only major difference between an ACEI and an ARB is that an ACEI can cause a chronic dry cough, while ARB's usually don't have that side effect.

When your doctor gets back, make sure to ask him about your medication.

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Max C Reif, MD Max C Reif, MD
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