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Lung Transplantation

Can a Lung Transplant Recipient Have IFP?



I am 60 years of age and recently diagnosed with Idopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IFP). My condition is complicated by the fact I have a paralyzed left diaphragm (in the up position). Does this paralysis rule me out for a single lung transplant?


No, not necessarily.  Most patients of your age with IPF are candidates for only single lung transplantation (generally, not bilateral transplantation).  As with all potential lung transplant candidates, all co-existing medical conditions must be considered when determining a patient's suitability for transplantation.  If several confounding problems exist, then one may not be deemed a candidate.  However, if your health is otherwise good, a paralysis of the diaphragm on one-side of the chest would not necessarily preclude transplantation of the other lung.

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David  R Nunley, MD, FCCP David R Nunley, MD, FCCP
Former Associate Professor
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University