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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Identifying Multiple Symptoms



I am 25 years old lady. I have been experiencing tremors (initially little numbness as well) in my fingers and toes since the past 8-9 months. I have also experienced slight twitching around my lip area, trmors around eyes n cheek. I contsantly feel some trmors in my toungue. I have also been suffering from severe depression since the past 6 months at least. Plus, I do sense a starnge smell many times a day. I am little worried expecially since now.. because I have experienced weird dizziness 5 times in ther past 3 weeks. There is no blackout but.. it is like my hold head spins... What could all these symptoms mean? Should I consult a neurologist?


It is impossible for me to diagnose your many symptoms over the internet.  Certainly, anxiety and depression can produce many symptoms that you describe, but it is important that you get an evaluation by your primary care physician or personal physician as an initial step.  That person can guide you better as to whether you also need to consult with a neurologist.

Good Luck.

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