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Do these symptons sound like throat cancer?



I feel like I might have throat cancer, and I want to know if this sounds like it. And if not than what it could be. For about a week and a few days now I feel like there is something in my throat. I try to get it out but it just stays there. About 4 weeks ago I saw a white looking spot in my mouth. I thought it was a cold sore or something. It hurt for a few days than it went away. It is not there anymore. I feel a burning feeling alot in my throat like heartburn. I have difficulty swallowing and breathing sometimes. Ive been told i was having a panic attack. I chew tobbacco. Aleast 2 packs a week. I am only 22 years old. Could this just be something else?


None of your symptoms are typical for throat cancer. The symptoms you describe are probably secondary to gastroesophageal reflux disease, which can be easily treated. However, you do have a behavior that puts you at risk for developing head and neck cancer—tobacco use. It would be our recommendation that you be evaluated by an ear nose and throat physician to determine what is really going on. In addition you will be given some help to minimize your risks of developing throat cancer.

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