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Prominent uterus, cervix & vagina



Hi, I had the flesh eating disease 1 1/2 yrs ago in my face. Since I got out of the hospital I have not been able to gain weight and have lost 12 more lbs. when I had a check up with my Gastro Dr. ( I am being treated by him for Crohn`s Disease). He wanted me to get a Cat Scan of my Abdomen to see if there was any problems there that were stopping me from gaining weight. He called me and let me know the only thing the the Dr`s found at the Imaging Center I went to was a cyst on my liver, one on my kidney, one on my left ovary and a Prominent Uterus, Cervix and Vagina. Now he wants me to have a Sonogram of my uterus inside and out. I have had 5 pregnancies (2 live births) 1 miscarriage and 2 abortions. I had 7-8 yrs ago pre-cancerous cells on my cervix and had the Leep procedure done and was told that all the cells were taken out. I have had normal pap smears since then and the last one was this past April, was told by my Obgyn Dr that she couldn`t do the cancer test on my uterus unless there was an abnormal pap smear. I was also told that I was not in menopause yet. I am 5`2" 110 lbs. and 49 yrs old. I got an answer from your Expert from Ohio University, but did not enclude why a Cat Scan was performed in the first place. Thank you again for anything you can tell me.


I can't tell you why the CAT Scan was performed either since that was done by by your Gastroenterologist. That is outside my specialty. An enlarged uterus can be normal for a woman who has given birth. A CAT scan isn't very specific for the uterus or ovaries. A sonogram is the best way to evaluate the uterus and ovaries.

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