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Swollen lips with tiny bumps



yesterday I woke up and felt my lips were chapped, so proceede to apply my lip gloss, which i use frequently and on a very regular basis....slowly my lips began to feel tighter and tighter later with the appearance of tiny bumps....I am a victim of cold sores, but this was going to be no cold sore....after i came home from work, i fell asleep only to wake up with huge swollen lips...i do have history of food allgeries and even an unknown drug allergy, but tomorrow is sunday and my PCP clinic is closed....what do I do and what do u think it could be?


It is difficult to give an answer without knowing what the contents of the lip gloss are. Sometimes even the flavoring agents can cause swelling of the lips. Over-the-counter antihistamines might provide some relief until you see your doctor.

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