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Pain Management

Cancer Related Back/Neck Pain



I have recently developed a constant pain in my upper back between the spine and left shoulder blade (the left trap muscle area). The pain prevents me from touching my chin on my chest and when turned a certain way I can actually feel a pulsating pain that keeps in since with every beat of my heart (throbbing). Should I be concerned that this may be some kind of serious neck disease (cancer)? I have had these symptoms before related to pulled muscles but this seems to be different in the way it feels and lack of relief with over-the-counter Motrin.


This very much could be muscle spasm in the Trapezius or the Rhomboids muscle. I advise you to see your PCP for further evaluation.

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Hammam  Akbik, MD, FIPP Hammam Akbik, MD, FIPP
Formerly, Assistant Professor of Anesthesia
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati