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Digestive Disorders

Reflux cough



I have had a chronic cough for over 5 years. I do have sinus problems for which I`ve always attributed it to. I`ll get infections or bronchitis or even cold & when they clear, I still cough. I`ve been to numerous doctors & had tests for allergy & asthma a few years ago. Long story short, my ENT now says it`s not my sinuses & I need to see a gastroenterologist or pulmonologist. Could this be reflux cough? I don`t have heartburn at all, but it feels as though something is in my throat or chest that won`t come up. I`ve taken expectorants, cough suppressants, decongestants, etc. It`s worse with exercise, singing or laughing. I cough so hard have chest pains, but I never get anything up. That constant feeling of something in my throat is causing great anxiety for me. I`m 43,never smoked. Any input on this I would appreciate.


Yes it is possible this could represent reflux disease. I would recommend seeing a gastroenterologist and to get an upper endoscopy. He may even recommend for you to start on anti-acid therapy.

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Syed A Ahmad, MD Syed A Ahmad, MD
Associate Professor of Surgery
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati