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Colon Cancer

3 cancers



My father-in-law was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus, liver and colon cancer about 6 months ago. He had the cancer from his colon removed and had chemo and radiation to shrink the other cancers. He finished the chemo and radiation about 2 months ago and he told us the other day he is bleeding rectally. He is still not feeling well and looks pretty bad. What could the bleeding be from? Could it have spread more already? Could you give me an estimate on how long he has to live? I need to prepare my husband if we are just fighting a losing battle. I need to know if I should prepare my husband soon. Thank you for all of your help. It is greatly appreciated.


Your father in law may be bleeding because of a variety of reasons. This does not necessarily mean that his cancer(s) has spread already. I think this needs to be brought up to the attention of his treating doctors immediately.

In terms of his longevity, it is hard to say if this is a losing battle or not. His condition seems to be very serious and his lifespan may be affected by his cancer(s). Again, I think it is best to refer back to his treating physicians for information about the seriousness of his illness.

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