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Mental Health

My wife can`t forget my past relationship.



I am a newly wed have been married for over two months now, I have dated my for wife for 2 years. I was previously married and have a daughter from my previous marriage. When my wife and I get intimate she has a tendency to have thoughts pop into her head about my ex-wife and how it might have been for me, having relations with my ex-wife. It causes her and I to lose interes and eventually end up in me feeling like it was my fault. Now I have explained to her that it was in my past that she matters to me more than anything but she stills gets those thoughts in her head, how can I help her to not think like that and make her feel more as if I belong to her and she belongs to me and no one else?


I would recommend that you seek couple’s counseling to help you overcome this problem. Counseling can be quite effective for this kind of issue. Good luck to you.

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Radu   Saveanu, MD Radu Saveanu, MD
Associate Professor
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University