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Breast Cancer

What should be done next?



The following is report of ultrasound and mamography of my mother done yesterday it is the first report.

1.Diffusely increased density of fibroglandular parenchyma of both breasts is noted.

2.Small hyperdense nodular opacities noted in both breasts Evidence of normal architecture in both breasts

3.No assymetrical density with speculated margin is seen on either side

4.No clustered microcalcification is seen on either side

5.The subcutaneous fat appears normal on both sides

6.The nipple and overlying skin margin appear normal bilaterally

7.No enlarged axillary lymphnodes are seen on either side in visualized part of axilla.

8 Correlation with breast ultrasound shows 7.9 mm * 5.88 mm sized cystic lesion with distal acoustic enhancement in left breast in outer and lower quadrant

please advise what is the problem and what can be next


It is difficult to give advice based on a radiology report, without having seen the patient myself, asked specific history questions, and performed an examination. I recommend you see a breast specialist.

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Jennifer B Manders, MD Jennifer B Manders, MD
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati