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Smoking and Tobacco

What cigarette brands contain clove oil?



I recently had an unexplained pleural effusion with inflammed pleura. I am now an ex-smoker. I also had dental work a week before the effusion with a clove oil sedative placed under a temporary filling. The doctors have been unable to explain why this happened, as I have no disease or medical conditions. They said it was an allergic reaction to something because my eosinophil count was high. Any ideas?? Any cases reported with this type of allergic reaction to clove oil? I`m left to wonder why and fear another possible episode.


I am not aware of clove oil causing a pleural effusion or eosinophilia.  Certain drug reactions can present with eosinophilia and pleural effusions but I have no knowledge what other medications you are on.  There are several systemic disorders (malignancies, parasitism, eosinophilic pneumonias...) that can present with pleural effusion and eosinophilia.  Further testing is warranted to exclude these disorders as an underlying cause. I would see a qualified allergist or pulmonologist for further evaluation of the hypereosinophilia. 

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