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Sports Medicine

Backside knee/calf sharppain when bending leg



In the last three months I have had a sharp pain in the right leg, back side of the upper calf/knee area (more toward the right center-right side) whenever I squat or bend my leg back. Originally I only had pain whenever doing this motion (pressing the muscles, walking, running, etc... did not cause any pain). However, recently I get periods of a dull radiating ache down the lower leg and sometimes slightly upward from this area at times. Although the pain is only sharp when bending my leg in a squatting motion. Are these symptoms of a tear, a cyst, blood clot ....?



There are many things that can cause this type of pain.  A torn cartilage within the knee joint, a pulled muscle or tendon (hamstring), an inflamed bursa sac located in the back of the knee (bursitis) or a synovial cyst (Baker's cyst) could all cause these symptoms.  Without an exam, it is impossible to diagnose your condition accurately, and I recommend that you seek the advice of a physician to determine an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.  I hope this helps.

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Charles Webster, MD
Assistant Professor
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati