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High Blood Pressure

Rapid pulse rate



I am not see a doctor at this time, however I do monitor my blood pressure and pulse rate at home. It is average 130/105 with pulse rate of 110 or higher. It has been as high as 135 at rest. Should I see a doctor and what is the result of this?


A normal heart rate is between 60 and 100.  The usual heart rate for a given age can be calculated as 118.1 - (0.57 x age).

In your case, a heart rate of 110 is too fast.  There are many possible causes for a fast resting heart rate (called tachycardia), including heart failure, lung disease, thyroid problems, anxiety and others.  You should see a doctor for a general evaluation.

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Max C Reif, MD Max C Reif, MD
Professor of Medicine
Director of Hypertension Section
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati