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Addiction and Substance Abuse

Abdominal pain



Hello, well i`m having a not much pain a little below my stomach, it`s starting to worry me because this is the 5th time it happened, first time i had it i went to the GP the next morning he said i overate and gave me buscopan then i waited a week and the pain got worst one night so at midnight i went to the hospital and they said there seemed to be infection in my urine sample so they came to the conclusion i had a bladder infection and it spread to my kidneys so they had me go and buy alprim and i took it for 8 days and started getting really sick on the 8th day(was fine until then)i was getting tempertures, bad headaches, one night i could barely walk and passed out practically on my bed from walking, from the bathroom to the kitchen and back to my room(pretty small distance), so the 9th day i stopped taking it and i seemed a lot better the next day then i went to another GP he examined me and i got a blood test and he said everything came back everything seemed normal except my liver seemed slightly irritated, i didn`t do anything and the pain went away, around 2 months later it started again so i went to hospital and they examined me, apparently my appendix seemed bigger than usual, plus they took a blood and urine sample, then came to the conclusion i might have appendititis(not sure if i spelt that right), so the GP gave me some panadeine forte and i took that for while and it went away, 2 - 3 months ago i had the same problem but ignored it, 3-4 weeks ago i had the same problem and i ignored it again, and now i have it again, the symptoms don`t seem to change but i`m really confused and i`m sick of getting blood tests when it`s not doing anything for me, i have a bad needle phobia and the last doctor did a shocking job of taking my blood, 8 attempts failed so now i fear needles even more, can you suggest anything? i`d really appreciate that and sorry this email is so long i just thought i`d explain it all, thanks.


Unfortunately, it sounds like your problem is more extensive than what can be addressed in a general forum like this one.  NetWellness experts provide general information only; they do not diagnose or give specific medical recommendations.

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