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Addiction and Substance Abuse

Possible false positive hair follicle test



I am 31 yrs old a single mother of 3 kids. I was in an abusive relationship, and when I ended it he went crazy and called my probation officer. (The reason I`m on probation was driving on MY own prescription migraine medication and being pulled over for speeding) Anyhow, he told my PO to do a hair follicle test. I had no problem, since I don`t do drugs and never have. I do take Concerta currently for chronic fatigue syndrome, and have for a couple of months. But I just got the test results back and they are positive at a 1459 PG/MG?? for Cocaine. I`m also on Paxil, Adivan, Fiorcet, and have recently been on Antibiotics for an infection for about 3 weeks. I know that Concerta is a Anphedamine?? but I`m not sure if that could have done it. If that`s not possible, I`m wondering if this crazy, abusive man could have set me up as I recently found out he is a cocaine user?? I`m not sure what to do because my PO doesn`t believe a word I`m saying and is making me pay dearly for this positive drug test. Help, I need some answers.


It is beyond the scope of NetWellness to answer questions concerning drug screens. However, the article Drug Testing may help you better understand the drug screening process and options you may have if you feel your screen has been erroneous.

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