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Colon Cancer

Trying to find out information



Mother in law has been losing weight for the past year. She is 82. Recently had colonoscopy and 2 upper endoscopies. Shows she has Tubulovillous Adenoma. Mentions Cecalpolyp - invasive poorly differentiated adenocarconoma. 7cm duodenal mass. Lymphatic invasion present. Doctor evasive on options for her. Dr. more concerned w/ what was found in the Duodenal. Said surgery is risky for her since the tumor is near her Pancrease. Her age and that she is Diabectic makes it difficult to determine what to do. We are currently trying to get her help at University Hospital - Ireland Cancer Center with an Oncologist. Looking for as much information as possible to help us understand what our options can be to help her. Would like to know the types of questions to ask when we meet with an Oncologist. Would like to know what her chances are to survive this.


For duodenal adenocarcinoma: surgery is possible by experienced surgeons who do pancreas surgeries or whipple procedure.

If surgery is not possible due to patients' age or comorbidities (other health problems), then local radiation therapy is an option to palliate (reduce) symptoms if there is obstruction or bleeding. Other option will be chemotherapy.

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