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Complementary Medicine

Taking Vitamins and Medications



I was recently prescribed 100 MG capsule wat Doxycycline (1 cap 2xs daily) by my dermatologist. I don`t suffer from severe acne but mild and I end up with dark marks on my face from scarring.

I also, have always had thin hair and brittle nails so I was interested in taking a supplement for it. I bought Biotin 2500 mcg (GNC was out of the 600)...this is to be taken once a day. I also take Women`s Ultra Mega Dietary Supplement 2xs daily. I read the label and noticed there`s already 300 mcg of Biotin in the multivitamin.

My question is: Is that too much biotin in one day? If not, is it safe to be taking the doxycycline, multivitamin and the biotin at the same time? And do you have any other suggestions or pointers in me taking these?

Thanks, Concerned


They are OK together but the Biotin needs to be less and split into four doses, plus needs the other B complex vitamins to balance.

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Glen F Aukerman, MD, DABFP Glen F Aukerman, MD, DABFP
Professor of Family Medicine
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University