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Weight loss during 3rd trimester



I recently discovered at my last prenatal appt. that I had lost over 2 lbs in two weeks. Unfortunately, I only met with a nurse as my doctor was called away. I noticed today when I weighed myself at home, that I have lost another 1/2 pound or so (in the past week since the appt.). I am not scheduled to see my doctor until next week and am somewhat concerned out this weight loss, especially since my first child was born at 35 weeks and my second child was born at 37 weeks (after being on bedrest for about 6 weeks prior). What might be causing this weight loss? Should I be concerned? I have not been ill or had a change in appetite and am eating the same as I have throughout my pregnancy. Any thoughts?


There can be fluctuations of weight from week to week. Because of that, I typically follow the trend of total weight gain through out the pregnancy. For example if you gained 5 pounds one visit and "lost" 3 pounds at the next, your overall weight gain is 2 pounds which is usually sufficient.

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Arthur T Ollendorff, MD Arthur T Ollendorff, MD
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