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Skin Care and Diseases

Itching around male bladder (external)



I am a male aged 52 years. I have itching sensation over the urinary bladder and parts between bladder and thighs. usually itching occurs in the night and when i am alone in the day. I have cleaned the area with a soft bruch and there are no dirt etc. there is also no reddness of skin due to itching and scrubbing or no pain felt any where the body. Otherwise i am feeling healthy.


Itching of the male scrotum/sac is not uncommon. Often times the only thing of note is bouts of itching that are relieved only with rubbing and scratching. This condition is called pruritus scroti. It is important to visit your Board Certified Dermatologist to make sure there is no yeast, fungal, or bacterial infection that is causing the itching. Occasionally there are other causes such as irritation or allergic reactions to things that the area is exposed to, and worsened by sweating.

Unfortunately, many times no cause can be found and the patient and doctor have to try to find a way to control the itching before the patient gets into the habit of scratching and rubbing the area (to the point of causing scratched open sores or thickened darker skin).

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