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Urinary Disorders

Puss Cell



I am a female I have done my urine test and i found that there are Puss Cells 80-100 please tell me what does it mean and what infection do i have


"Pus cells" are white blood cells that sometimes indicate a bladder infection.  If there is an infection, there are often symptoms of burning on urination, frequent urination, or low abdominal pain.  If you have these symptoms, you should see your doctor for a urine culture (to see what kind of bacteria are growing in your urine) and be started on an antibiotic. 

In females, white cells seen in the urine sometimes come from the vagina.  A low grade vaginal infection or irritation can cause a discharge, which will contain large numbers of white cells.  If you have symptoms of vaginal discharge, itching, or burning, you should see your family doctor or gynecologist for an exam and an antibiotic.  Note that the type of antibiotic used to treat a bladder infection versus vaginitis is very different, so it's important to figure out which one you have first.   

If you and your doctor cannot tell whether the white cells are coming from your bladder or your vagina, you should collect a "clean-catch" urine, where you clean yourself off with antiseptic towelettes, urinate a small amount in the toilet, and then into the specimen cup.  This should remove vaginal contamination and allow an examination of bladder urine. 

Occasionally there are other conditions besides infection that cause white cells in the urine.  If you do not seem to have either a bladder infection or a vaginitis, your doctor may want to order an imaging test such as an ultrasound to see if you have a kidney stone or something else that may be causing white cells in the urine.

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