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Kidney Diseases

BUN/Creatinine ratio



I just have got my lab rsults. My BUN/creatinine ratio is 7.7, BUN is 10 and creatinine is 1.3. I am concerned about my health because I experience unpleasant body smell, usually feet, but the whole body too. Recently my cholesterol increased too to 234, LDH to 352, I also gained approx 8 lb, and durind my life I never gained more then 1-2 lb. Could it be related to kidney disease? I am 38 years old. Thank you.


A creatinine of 1.3 is not likely a normal result for a 38 year old, but you don't provide enough information to know for certain. Your physician can likely interpret this result for you. At this level of renal function your foot odor is not due to a kidney problem. I doubt that your weight gain is from a kidney problem. In advanced kidney failure or nephrotic syndrome(proteinuria) weight gain can be due to fluid retention, but this would manifest itself as edema.

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