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Digestive Disorders

Pain in my upper right quadrant



I am a 57 yr old woman who is over weight and have had my gallbladder removed. I have had this pain, off and on, since my gallbladder was removed in 1991. It goes from mild to very bad. It is a burning pain. It causes acid reflux, constipation, and I am always thirsty. I can`t eat anything with spices. Savory food tastes too salty and sweet foods are too sweet. As soon as I eat I start belching. This causes the acid reflux or the burning feeling in my throat. Thank you


Most of your complaints sound like reflux disease, I would consult a gastroenterologist for treatment. Treatments include medical therapy such as medications like nexium, protonix or prevacid. Sometimes an upper endoscopy is also necessary. Your GI doctor will discuss these options with you.

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Syed A Ahmad, MD Syed A Ahmad, MD
Associate Professor of Surgery
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati