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Kidney Diseases

Kidney Stones-BUN/CREA



I am 58 male. I have a history of kidney stones. Currently I have 4 stones on my left kidney. I feel fine. Back in August, 2007 I had a blood test done. My BUN was 29 and Creatinine 1.8. Recently on 9/27/07 blood work was repeated. My BUN was 31 and Creatinine 1.4; the BUN/CREA ratio was 22.1. Is the high BUN something to be concern about, and what can I do to lower my BUN? What level of BUN indicates kidneys failure? My primary physician suggested to repeat the blood work again in 3 months. Thank you


The high BUN and creatinine indicate that your kidneys are not properly excreting waste products. If you are white, your calculated GFR (which indicates waste-excreting ability) is 53 ml/min, normal being >90. If you are black, it's 62. These levels put you at approximately a stage 3 of kidney failure; stage 5, or GFR <15, is the level at which dialysis should be considered. So you should check with your physician about this, and see if he/she would refer you to a nephrologist (kidney specialist). You should have blood tests, urine tests, and kidney imaging (or a close look at the imaging you've already had) to determine whether your decreased kidney function is due to the stones, or to past damage caused by stones, or to something else such as diabetes, hypertension, or hardening of the arteries. It is important to determine this so that your kidney disease can be treated if possible, or at least stabilized so that you do not lose any more kidney function. I definitely would not wait 3 months!

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