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Lung Cancer

White spots



To whom it may concern:

My husband has been coughing a deep cough and at times throws up muckis while coughing. His doctor sent him for an x-ray which detected white spots on his lungs. We were told that this was nothing and that it was definately not cancer, however, I am concerned because my husband was diagnosed with Aids approx. 3 years ago and about 5 months later was diagnosed with lymphoma non-hodgkins cancer.

Should I (we) be worried and should we re-schedule an appointment with the doctore and ask for further testing to really make sure that these white cells are not a sign of lung cancer??


It is difficult to comment without looking at the Chest X-ray. However, if there are multiple white spots and he has AIDS it could be pneumonia. Usually patients are on prophylactic medicines to prevent pneumonia. I am not sure if he is on any.

In a smoker the likelihood of cancer is high. But, usually they appear as a lung mass or small nodules. The best way to follow would be to get a chest CT scan which will give a better idea about the process. Your physician also may recommend a sputum culture to rule out any infections.

Hope this helps.

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Shaheen  Islam, MD, MPH Shaheen Islam, MD, MPH
Clinical Associate Professor
Pulmonary, Allergy, Critical Care & Sleep
College of Medicine
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