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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Testing for Panic Disorders



I`m 33 years old now. I`m in teaching profession. I have problem. Whenever I feel stressed, angry or scared, my heart beating so fast, I`m getting my pain from one part of my body, my left side from head to toe. I feel like pulling pain. I dont know why. The pain almost last at least for one week. The most affected part is my face. I feel my left side face is like pulling pain and burning sensation inside my nose. Please let me know, am I suppose to go for a blood check up to confirm what I really have? Some times even for a small pain I feel so much until I get panic attack. Please answer me. Thank you.


While there are no "blood tests" for panic disorder, some of the symptoms you describe are consistent with panic, including a fast heart beat, feelings of fear or anger and vague pains.  Look at the weblinks for some more information about panic disorder.

It is unusual pain to persist for a week from a panic attack, but you may also have some depression or general anxiety, which can be associated with pain.  You might also have an unrelated medical problem causing your pain, and I encourage you to see your primary care doctor for a complete evaluation.  Your doctor can then assist you in finding a mental health professional, because I would encourage you to get help for the panic disorder.  Both medications and counseling (and both together) are successful in treating panic disorder.

Good luck.

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