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Urinary Disorders

What does `prominent extra-renal pelvis` mean



I`m a 26 yr old female and I`ve recently had a UTI, with a lot of blood in my urine sample. I`ve had a blood test (which was ok) and an ultra sound that noted I had a prominent extra-renal pelvis at the right kidney. What does this mean and is it anything to be concerned about?


Hemorrhagic cystitis or so called infection of the bladder with blood in urine is a common manifestation of lower tract infection in sexually active female. If you do not have fever or systemic symptoms such as nausea, flank pain or chills, it may indicate your kidneys may not affected. The problem then can easily be resolved by antibiotic.

Extra renal renal pelvis on the other hand is a normal variant of the drainage system of the kidney. It usually is as a result of slower drainage of the ureters and nothing to worry about. However if it causes symptoms, such a flank pain it becomes a medical issue and should be further investigated by the few tests recommended by your urologist.

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