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COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

Final stages of COPD



My husband has been sent home with hospice. He stoped smoking 4 days before and acute attach of pnemonia that put him into the hospital for 5 days. They treated him with injections of liquid steriods for 4 of those days and send him home with a decline dosage of steriods that will last for 30 days. They indicated that he will probably go on a maintenance of steriods every other day or so. He has managed to rally pretty good and walks some days without labor. That has changed in the last 2 days. He acts out and is seeing things, bugs, people that are not there. Is this due to the lack of oxygen to the brain or is it the steriods. I know it would be hard to give a time frame, and I know that he is not going to get much better. Is there any thing I can do help with these sightings? He is extemely hard to keep down. He has high blood pressure, uses a sleep aid and takes peracet for the 3 ruptured disc in the lower back. Thanks


His change in behavior, including the hallucinations, could be from low oxygen, the steroids, the percocets, or the sleeping pills.  It is very possible that all of these things in combination could be the culprit.

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