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Kidney Diseases

Cyst in left kidney



I been having pain in my lower back on the left side. I have had this pain for about a year. I just had an ultrasound and I was told that I have a cyst in my kidney. My doctor says I need a ct scan. What type of treatment will I need after the scan?


Probably none.  Kidney cysts are quite common, and most do not cause any problem at all, unless they are very large, or rarely if they are malignant.  So most likely the cyst is not the cause of your pain.  The CT scan will show if this cyst is a type to be concerned about; for instance, if it appears to have blood or tissue inside it.  If it does not look like just a simple, water-filled cyst, an MRI may need to be done and/or the cyst fluid may need to be aspirated (sampled) with a needle (which can be done as an outpatient in radiology with a little local anesthetic).

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