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Exercise and Fitness

i go very red



im a 16 year old girl who is fairly healthy and active however if i do any sort of exercise which requires more work that walking i go an extreme red colour in my face and patchy red areas appear on my arms, neck legs and chest. it is very embarrising for me, i stoped going to my local gym because of it. also i sweat an unbelievable amount whether im exerciseing or not. this also is very embarrising for me as my t-shirts etc always have large sweat patches at the arpits even when im not active e.g sitting in class working please help. could you tell me what both of these problems are and if there is any way i can sort them


Sorry to hear you are becoming extremely red when you exercise. You are to be commended for trying to stay active. You are demonstrating good exercise behavior while setting a great example for your peers. I would discuss the matter of redness with your physician who can best advise you. Regarding the sweating; you may want to consider reducing the intensity you are exercising at which in turn should decrease the amount of sweat your body is producing. If you are used to running for 45 minutes you could split up your workouts by walking and running. Or you could just take if from a strong run to a light jog. I hope this helps you. Thank you for sharing your concerns and best of luck with your exercise program.

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