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Alzheimer's Disease

Treating Microvascular Disease in the Brain



My older (61) brother who has been diabetic for many years was recently diagnosed with this disorder. There are times when he is not aware of his surroundings. They also have diagnosed the same condition in his legs. Recently (2 weeks ago) he has lost the use of his legs.

Do you have any suggestions for treatment? Is this the beginning of a downward spiral? Can we do anything to improve the quality of his life or make him more comfortable?


Your brother’s condition seems complex. There are things to improve his quality of life and try to slow down any progression. You should find a physician to help you and probably also contact the diabetes, stroke or even Alzheimer’s family associations (they can help people with cognitive problems due to your brothers problem).

Good luck; your brother is lucky to have you so concerned. His quality of life is more up to him and his family than the health care system.

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Peter J Whitehouse, MD, PhD Peter J Whitehouse, MD, PhD
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Case Western Reserve University