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Precautions for a Osteoporosis Patient



My 48 year old mother has been diagonosed with osteoporosis recently. The doctor said it is just the beginning. I am completely devastated by this news. Although Osteoporosis runs in our family I never thought my mom could get this. She has had leg pain for the last 2 years and she is very thin. She always look weak and she eats very less food as she says she has very little appetite. Her doctor has asked her not to excersise. I am trying to get as much as information as I can to help my mother. Can you tell me what precautions my mother needs to take. If she does not excersise wouldn`t there be other health deffects. Could you please give me some advice on my mother`s situation and what all does she need to take to keep her safe. Thanks.


There should be many things your mother could do at her age. 

You can find other helpful information at http://www.nof.org/ (National Osteoporosis Foundation).

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Go to the Osteoporosis health topic, where you can:

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Margery   Gass, MD Margery Gass, MD
Formely, Professor, Clinical Obstetrics & Gynecology
College of Medicine
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