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Sports Medicine

Lump on front of leg



I have noticed a lump on the lower front of my left leg it seems to be on the bone in the lower left leg, but I had an xray done and the doctor said it didn`t show up on the xray and was not a lump on the bone but a lump as a result of an injury. I cannot remember having any injury to that part of my leg, although I could have bumped it at times. I live in Beijing, China and have the xrays of the bone and the lump hasn`t shown up on the xray. Do you know what it could be?


Soft tissue lumps such as lipomas (benign fatty tumors), hematomas (local collections of blood), thrombosed veins (scarred down veins from prior inflammation) or sebaceous cysts (benign skin cysts) could all cause your symptoms.  If the x-ray is normal, then it is unlikely that this is a calcified area similar to bone.  If you are concerned, you may seek a second opinion, but in the absence of symptoms with a normal x-ray, it is reasonable to just observe a lump that is not enlarging.  I hope this helps.

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Charles Webster, MD
Assistant Professor
College of Medicine
University of Cincinnati