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Athletic Training

Broken toes



My 17 year old broke his middle toes. The brake is healed but he has a lot of pain. Is there a particular wrap for this injury. The pain is centered on the outside of the foot.


It sounds like your son may be changing the way he walks to protect his middle toes. He may be walking on the outside of his foot instead of pushing off normally. You can try to "buddy tape" his toes where you tape the injured toes together to provide an anatomical splint. You can also make sure his footwear is supportive (wear crosstrainer shoes vs. flip-flops) and try an over the counter insole to give more support. As always, if the pain persists or worsens with these actions, discontinue their use and see a medical professional.

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Mary  Laingen, MS, ATC Mary Laingen, MS, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer
School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
The Ohio State University